Is this you?

  • Are you continually posting on IG but not seeing it turn into sales?

  • Do you struggle with figuring out what to say or what to post about?

  • Do you want to create a consistent and recognizable brand within your account?

  • Are you ready to build a strategy but don’t know where to start?

Making Sales on Instagram

  • A Creative Platform

    Instagram is a great place for circus artists, because what we do is visually stunning and the platform celebrates creativity! Also, the circus community is great at engaging with posts, and helping lift each other up through comments, likes and shares

  • Target Audience

    But if your Target Audience isn't fellow circus performers, are you getting the most out of all your time and energy posting? And what if circus artists are your client base and your followers aren’t translating into sales?

  • Your Goals

    Everyone has different goals for how they use Instagram. So it can be confusing on what is the right way for you to show up and use the platform to generate work for you! With the right plan in place you can generate leads, deepen relationships and turn your followers into paying clients to support your dreams!

Your Instructors

Director, Circus Boss

Ileigh Reynolds

Circus Boss helps entrepreneurial minded circus professionals design, create and level up their dream projects and businesses through workshops and 1:1 coaching support.

Director, Shared Culture Concepts

Katie Betts

Shared Culture Concepts is a marketing firm that supports movement arts businesses, performers & educators through branding, design, social media support, websites, guides and workshops.

Bonus material

  • Branding Style Guide

    Branding style guide to create consistent designs

  • Canva Instagram Templates

    Canva Instagram templates to quickly create your own branded posts.

  • Social Media Design Checklist

    Social Media design checklist to maximize engagement with your audience

  • 6 Messaging Areas

    The 6 messaging areas to grow, connect and convert.

  • Topic Examples

    Topic examples in each area to generate ideas for posts.

  • Caption Framework & Templates

    Caption framework for a consistent layout, and caption templates to quickly customize and put to use.

  • 1

    Webinar replay

    • Intro and Overview

    • Overview PDF

    • Media & Branding PDF

    • Media & Branding

    • Media & Branding Examples PDF

    • Media & Branding Examples

    • Other Branding Considerations PDF

    • Other Branding Considerations

    • Copywriting & Caption Layout PDF

    • Copywriting & Caption Layout

    • Grow, Connect, Convert Messaging PDF

    • Grow, Connect, Convert Messaging

    • Action Plan

    • Action Plan PDF

    • Q&A

    • Template Pack Guidebook